Striding Edge Walk September 2006






Marc Johnston, Peter Graham, Peter Phinn, Neil Garner, Joe Coleman, David Cuncliffe and "young" Ben Johnston. All names are in order of photo 1. Some club members on a day out in the fells.



1. The fantastic seven.jpg

10. Wait for us.jpg

11. The mighty Helvelyn and Ben in the distance.jpg

12. We're here.jpg

13. Neil Hung over from the night before.jpg

14. Joe, Pete, Neil, Pete admiring the climb ahead.jpg

15. Ben having a quick drink from Red Tarn before we set off.jpg

16. I'm never gona touch another drink again!!.jpg

17. The start of Striding Edge. This isn't too bad.jpg

18. Its starting to get a little more narrow.jpg

19. Does Ben know something we don't with his climbing hat.jpg

2. Off we go.jpg

20. This is getting quite high now.jpg

21. where you going Ben, Theres no path.jpg

22. can any one see a path.jpg

23. nice veiw.jpg

24. Peter Phinn and ben with Red Tarn below.jpg

25. Neil, Joe and dave.jpg

26. come on. wot ye wating for.jpg

26. the fun bit starts here.jpg

27. one of the graves of one off many unluky people never to.jpg

28. Neil, Pete and Joe doing a balancing act.jpg

29. Now where.jpg

3. Joe and Pete showing the way.jpg

30. Down where.jpg

31. Dave takes the sensible option.jpg

32. Follow me men.jpg

33. is it a bird, is it a plane.jpg

34. No, its a rescue hellicopter.jpg

35. Just like a couple of Ninja's.jpg

35. The top veiw of a hellicopter. strange.jpg

37. Pete and Ben tackling a steep climb down.jpg

38. The rest of the teams turn.jpg

39. carefully does it.jpg

4. Lean in to it lads.jpg

40. Dave ready to base jump.jpg

41. a quick pose before the last climb.jpg

42. Looking back from where we've come.jpg

43.Pete,Joe,Neil,Dave & Ben with Strding Edge in the backgro.jpg

44. looking over the edge at Red Tarn.jpg

46. Striding Edge. The way we came.jpg

47. Peter and Ben on the way down.jpg

48. Dave and Joe on top of the world.jpg

5. Dave and Neil.jpg

50. The End.jpg

6. Off ye baksides lads, we've a hill to climb.jpg

7. You go and climb it, we're having a rest.jpg

8. Ye, us too.jpg

9. Well i'm not waiting, come on men.jpg

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